Wednesday, June 11, 2008

World Environment Day – Thursday 5 June

Last Thursday the Envirogroup went to Macalister Park to help plant five thousand New Zealand native plants.

We went on the bus at 11:15 to the park and listened to a speech. There were a lot of people there including TV3 News. Once the speech was over we had lunch. They had prepared things like sandwiches, fruit, brownies and drinks. It was really tasty.

After lunch we started to plant the native plants. They already had holes dug in the ground and the plants were waiting in the holes to be planted.

Someone taught us how to get the plastic covers of and how to plant the plants. Once the last planting was done (which took a very short time as there were so many hands to help) we relaxed. Then it was time to leave and we were tired as we got off the bus and started to head back to school. It had been a big day! It good that we could help plant trees to reduce New Zealand’s carbon footprint!

By Noah and Datu

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