Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Compost and Recycling – Whole School Responsibility!

Last week the Envirogroup decorated some new compost bins for of the classes. The compost bins are containers with wheels and clip on handles. They are also New Zealand made.

We decorated the compost bins individually or in pairs.

After we made them we went to the supermarket and bought scrubbing brushes and gloves with money we raised last year. This was because when we surveyed the classes about composting last year they said they didn’t like the mess. This way the classes have no excuses!

When we got back to school we delivered the compost bins, the scrubbing brushes and gloves to all of the classes. While we were delivering them we brought a timetable which had the day they needed to empty their compost into the worm farm.

Now all of the classes (including the junior school) are responsible for their own waste (instead of Room 2 collecting it each week).

By Olivia

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